Privacy Policy
This Policy describes how we process your personal data at United Music Streaming
It applies to your use of:
all United Music Streaming services as a user. This includes use of these services under our free or paid options (each a "Service Option"); and
other United Music Streaming services which include a link to this Privacy Policy (e.g. United Music Streaming websites, Customer Support and the Community Site).
From now on, we'll collectively call these the "United Music Streaming Service".
From time to time, we may develop new or offer additional services. They'll also be subject to this Policy, unless stated otherwise when we introduce them.
This Policy is not...
the United Music Streaming Terms of Use. That's a separate document, outlining the legal contract between you and United Music Streaming for using the United Music Streaming Service. It also describes the rules of United Music Streaming and your user rights.
about your use of other United Music Streaming services which have their own dedicated privacy policy
2. Your personal data rights and controls
Privacy laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), give rights to individuals over their personal data.
See your rights and their descriptions in this table. You can also watch our video about Your Privacy Controls.





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